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Vedic Math : Journey of a Right Brained Person

Vedic Math Journey of a Right Brained person

Math, arithmetic, calculus, computation..….… for me, all are just different names of the same demon. When it comes to numbers, formulas and calculations, they are as alien to me as any extraterrestrial being. I know only as much as I had to, to pass a grade with no interest in learning anything extra about them.

I am an unequivocally a Right brained person. If there is a gun pointed at my head, I will work with math, but if I have even a remote possibility to wiggle out of it somehow, you will not find me anywhere near it. I don’t dread math, but it bores me beyond my mind. So, when I came across Vedic Math, it was with the same conviction, attitude and belief. To my huge surprise, the experience was more like, as they say, a bag of chips ad, ‘You can’t eat just one’ – ‘You can’t stop at just one trick’. The solutions looked like magic tricks. I found myself going through Google and Youtube to learn more.

The sheer disbelief that ‘the boring and exhausting math’ could be so uncomplicated and fast made it even more amusing. After I learnt the first concept of squaring, my reaction like many others was, ‘No Way !!’. Simply, because math is not ‘supposed to be fun and easy’. Then how could I accept the fun and simplicity of it without a fight and resistance ? Something HAD TO BE wrong with it. The impossibility of it being fun, made me check that concept with other numbers. I was adamant to debunk that myth. I wanted to try several methods and concepts to somehow find one where  where I could say, ‘See, I told you, it won’t work.’

Full of confidence, I jumped to addition and subtraction and multiplication and many other concepts. Each method was simple, easy and fast. I would test each concept with several random numbers of my own, with the full conviction of somehow debunking Vedic Math and restoring my belief, that it is a gimmick. To my amazement, I observed a somewhat similar kind of reaction in other students (children and adults) as well.

After six months of acquaintanceship with Vedic Math, I am so excited to report, that I was totally wrong. Math can be fun. Actually, it IS fun. It needs to be understood and applied from the basic to advanced level, gradually developing the understanding of the concepts. Vedic Math is based on a set of 16 Sutras (Aphorisms). Since they are made keeping in mind, the way the brain naturally works, it becomes a very organic process without much force and effort. Many researches and studies have been done which support the Benefits of Vedic Math. As it is interesting to work with, it’s not hard to put in the time to practice and master the skills.

The proof is in the pudding. Try it for yourself and do share with us. I would love to hear your experience of Vedic Math, if you loved it or there are obstacles which you wish could be simplified or Nahh not for you. Do let me know !!!

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