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Is Blowing Conch Really a Disinfectant ?

Is Blowing Conch Really a Disinfectant ?

Conch Shell (Shankha in Samskrit) is the outer covering, like a home, of a giant sea snail, biologically referred to as “Turbinella Pyrum”. It is made of calcium and magnesium. Being very hard, strong and shiny, it is known for its brilliance, luster and purity.

Interestingly, if you hold the shell near your ear, you will hear the sound of the waves in the ocean. This is because the natural vibration of water gets magnified on entering the Conch hell giving it this special property.

Many studies have shown that blowing a Conch Shell is not only good for body and mind, but also for the surrounding. It has many therapeutic benefits. A research study published in the International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) VII, July 2019 shows the Significance and Health Benefits of Conch Shell. The Conch is blown for different purposes, in different styles and sounds to create different results. It is said to be the most effective at sunrise.

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                        How To Blow A Conch Shell
  • SAFE ENVIORNMENT : It is environments naturopathy. The particular frequency of the sound created by the shell, immediately destroys many harmful germs, bacteria’s and insects, invisible to the human eye. The rhythm, sound and vibration creates a positive energy and frequency in the environment.
  • GOOD HEALTH : Daily blowing of Conch is helpful for heart, speech therapy, respiratory treatments and psychological treatments.
  • STRONG LUNGS : Since it takes a lot of effort to blow air in a Conch, it is a great exercise for the diaphragm, chest and neck muscles. The lung muscles need to be expanded fully to blow a Conch, thus improving their aerial capacity. It makes the lungs and larynx muscles stronger
  • EXERCISE FOR VOCAL CORDS : Conch blowing also exercises the thyroid glands and vocal cords, helping in correcting any speech related problems.
  • ANTI AGING : It is a very good anti aging solution for fine lines. It is a great daily facial exercise, as the face muscles are stretched to blow a Conch
  • MENTAL HEALTH : Per the brain wave data recordings, sound   waves   produced   by   Conch   shell   enhance  positive psychological vibrations. The sound provides a relaxed  and receptive mind, thus improving focus and performance.
  • ANTI STRESS : There are  various  studies  which  promote  the  use  of Conch  shell  as  a  therapy  to  relieve  stress  and the sound has a healing effect on people suffering  from  depression,  anxiety,  stress,  hypertension, insomnia  etc.

The study of Alpha and Beta waves on human brain of Conch sound, has led to the conclusion that it promotes healing. This sound therapy has a profound affect on human brain activity, health and environment.

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