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Are The Śivalingas Actually Nuclear Reactors ?

Are The Śivalingas Actually Nuclear Reactors ?

Synopsis:  Revered for 1000’s of centuries, Shivalinga is a representation of Lord Shiva, the God of destruction. In this article we try to explore the idea, if they are actually a smaller version of a nuclear reactor, which is also responsible for destruction. We try to understand the concept by studying and comparing the structure and function of the Shiva Linga with a nuclear reactor plant.

Shiva is known as “The Destroyer” within the Hindu trinity. His wrath and fury is eternally feared by all humans and heavenly bodies. Lingam (Sanskrit: “sign” or “distinguishing symbol”), symbolizes Lord Shiva and is revered as an emblem of generative power.

In this article we will explore as to : Why is Lord Shiva called a destroyer ? Is Shivlinga  really a symbol of a Nuclear Plant ? Is there any evidence and science behind it or is it just a fallacy ? Let’s begin !!

Nuclear science, a well-respected branch of science in the modern day, can be closely connected to the Hindu god of destruction Lord Shiva and his symbol Shivalinga.



The structure of the Shiva Ling is identical to the construction of the modern nuclear reactor. It has mainly two parts :

  • The first is a cylindrical structure, made of smooth black stone.
  • The second is the groove around the cylinder, with a spout.

It is very important to have a pot of water hanging over the cylinder which drips water onto the cylinder at a continuous pace. The water is then allowed to flow out through the spout of the cylinder’s groove. This water is prohibited from consuming as holy water. Also, no one is allowed to cross the spout during the Parikrama (circumambulation of sacred places to imbibe their energy)


Any Nuclear Reactor Plant needs a constant source of water or some other condensation devices, to cool it down, as it heats up while generating energy. The Shiva Ling functions very closely to a nuclear reactor. The pot of water hanging above the cylinder is similar to the water required to cool down a nuclear reactor.

The grooves around the cylinder of the Shiva Ling represent the structures that are built to dispose of the polluted water from the nuclear reactor. This water is polluted with nuclear waste and radiation. The water from the Shivalinga is prohibited from any consumption too.

  • The Śivaliṅgas are nothing but nuclear reactors. Henceforth, there is a constant source of water on it to keep it calm.
  • The favourite things to offer Lord Śiva, is Vilva Patra, Dhatura, Akanda and Gudhal. They also happen to be known as good absorbers of nuclear energy.
  • It is strictly prohibited to cross the drain that pass the water poured on the Śivaliṅga. The reason being that the water also becomes reactive after being poured on the Śivaliṅga.
  • Lord Shiva represents energy and has been feared as the God of destruction. It was suggested not to anger Lord Shiva as that will result in a holocaust. That’s exactly what is the role of a Nuclear Reactor
  • The design of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is inspired by the shape of a Śivaliṅga

The placement of these reactors was very important. If one looks at the radioactive map of India, the most radiation is found in the places of  Jyotirliṅgas (where these Shivalinga’s are established).

All important temples of Lord Śiva are situated in a straight line from Kedānāth to Rāmeśvaram. It is unfortunate that we still do not understand the science and technology of  our ancestors. The temples of Kedārnāth in Uttarāhaṇḍ,  Kāleśvaram in Teleṅgānā,  Kālahastī in Andhrapradeś,  Ekambareśvara and Cidambaram of Tāmilnadu and lastly  Rāmeśvaram are established and made on the geographical straight line of longitude 79˚E 41’54”.

Are The Śivalingas Actually Nuclear Reactors ?

These temples show a great concoction of ecology, science and the Vedas. These temples were built approximately 5000 years ago when there was no satellite technology available to measure the latitude and longitude. It is of great wonder as to how they chose the exact locations to build these temples.

All these temples are situated in a single straight line. This is a mystery till date how these temples were built in a straight line approximately thousands of years ago and which technology they used for the same.

As we can see, the Shiva Ling is a symbol of the nuclear reactor, generating the universally present nuclear energy. It is quite evident that the ancient scholars had very advanced scientific and technological  knowledge, that is impervious even today. We need to open our minds to such treasures and seek the knowledge and wisdom left behind by these great scientists.

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