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The Fight Between the Sun and the Wind

The Fight Between the Sun and the Wind
Story in Audio

Moral of the Story :  Persistence and gentle persuasion wins over brutal and violent force

Once upon a time long ago there was an argument that took place between the wind and the sun on who was stronger. The wind claimed that it was stronger than the sun and the sun boasted that it was easily more powerful than the wind. It started as a friendly argument and their points continued to turn into long, egotistical discussions. Both the sides wanted to prove their mettle.

One day the two targeted a traveler that was walking down the road and decided to test their strength on the man. They decided whoever could force the man to take off his jacket would be considered the winner of the debate. They agreed to let the wind go first. The sun hid himself behind the clouds and let the wind have his turn.

The wind started blowing down hard on the man. He huffed, puffed and blew as strongly as he could. The man was persistent. He wrapped himself further and further, readying himself for a storm. Even when the wind blew hard enough to nearly make it snow, the man kept holding on to his jacket tightly. He showed no signs of loosening. Exhausted and embarrassed, the wind finally gave up.

The sun moved out from behind a cloud and shone as brightly as he could. The traveler started to feel the warmth of the sun. He tried to keep walking through the heat. The sun persistently kept shining down brightly. It got so bright and powerful that the traveler had to stop by the side of the road under a tree. He tried to fan himself to cool down, but that did not help much. Finally the man could no longer bear the heat and took his jacket off.

The sun’s persistence proved himself to be stronger than the brutal force of the wind.

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