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The Lying Shepherd and the Wolf

The Lying Shepherd and the Wolf
Story in Audio
Moral of the Story : Always speak the truth. Lying will always get you in trouble

There once was a shepherd that lived in the village and he took care of many sheep taking them out every morning for grazing. One morning his wife fell ill and he thought to himself that there was nobody around that could take the sheep out to graze. He called his son and said that it would take 2 to 3 days to get medicine in the city and it would be his son’s responsibility to take care of the sheep. Taking them out to graze was a big responsibility and his son would also have to prevent the sheep from being attacked by wolves and tigers. There were plenty of threats to the flock due to the close proximity of the forest to the grazing land.

The shepherd‘s son listened to his father’s advice carefully. But he also had a mischievous streak. He took the sheep grazing but quickly grew bored watching them graze from morning till evening. He wanted some fun and excitement. He decided to bother the other people in the village and have some fun. He stood up on a rock and started calling out for help from the fake wolf.

Other villagers in the area hurriedly ran towards the hillside to help out the boy. To their surprise , they did not find any wolf, only the sheep and the boy. The mean boy laughed at the kind villagers. He found the confused look on the villagers faces very amusing. Trying to control his boisterous laugh, he told them to go back as he was just having some fun at their cost. The villagers were very upset, since they had dropped their work and immediately ran up to help the boy. Upset and angry, they returned to the village.

The next day the boy was feeling bored again and decided to again call out for the wolf. He wanted to see all of the villagers scurry. A few less villagers showed up the next day. The ones that did come to help were even more annoyed to know that the boy was again joking. The shepherd’s son walked the flock back to the farm laughing the whole way.

On the third day, the boy was getting ready to go back to his rock to play the joke on the villagers. He noticed a gray figure slinking out of the woods. This time it was really a massive wolf. The boy saw him get closer with his red eyes and large claws. The wolf was drooling as he ran headlong at the flock.

The boy got up on his rock and started screaming for help. The villagers heard his cries, but no one bothered to come to help him. They assumed that he must be joking again, just like the past two days. So nobody came to his aid. The boy had no choice but to run home to safety. While the wolf attacked and killed the sheep. The boy had learnt his lesson and never cried for a wolf again.

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