What is this site about? 

Science-Krit is a knowledge based website and a PLATFORM where anyone can share their knowledge for other’s benefit. It is a free service which allows people to post their articles, videos, discuss queries on forum and learn from each other’s posts.

How do I use the main features on the site? 

Our site is very user-friendly and interactive. We have several mediums to share and spread the knowledge :   

Gurukul:  This section has educational and original articles which are submitted by viewers like you. The articles are divided in sub- sections: Ancient Science, Benefit, Quick Facts, Vedic Math

Kids Korner:  Here we have lots of good stories with beautiful morals for children to learn from. It also has an audio option for our younger audiences who are future readers.

Video:  You can watch lots of informational videos. Or create an account and upload your original videos for others to learn from. 

Forum:  Have a question? Don’t know whom to reach out to? This is where the Forum section comes in handy. You can ask your query and also answer others’ queries.

Course:  Learn the fun way of doing math through our course MasterMindMath. The course has beginner, intermediary and expert levels to choose from. 

Where do I submit my article?

If you wish to get your article published on the site, you can send it through the Contact Us page.

What is the requirement for the articles and videos?

Both the articles and videos should be original and owned by you, with no copyright or infringement issues.

NOTE :  The site admin reserves the right to refuse the submitted article / video and / or delete the article / video already posted online.

What happens after I submit my article?

After we receive your article, it goes through a preliminary check, to make sure there is nothing inappropriate or offensive for our reader’s. If deemed appropriate, relevant and interesting the article is posted on the site under your name.

Will I get paid if I submit my articles or upload my videos?

This is a free website with the pure intention of spreading knowledge to all. Your articles will be posted under your name, but there is no monetary or any other form of remuneration for the articles or the videos. 

What is the Top Contributor section?

Our Gurukul section has articles contributed by viewers like you. The contributors most active and with most relevant articles get an honorable mention in this section. We change the list once a month, so do check out this section regularly, you might be surprised to see your name here along with your articles !!

Is everything on the site free? 

Almost YES !! Except for the course M3 MasterMindMath, everything else on the site is free of cost to you. We have tried to keep the course amount to as low as possible for two reasons : – so that maximum number of people can benefit from it and – it can at least cover the running cost of the site. 

Can I use it on the phone?

Yes, the site is accessible via laptop, desktop, Ipad, phone. Just type the site name Science-Krit.com in the address bar and you can access the site.

Where are you located?

We are based in California, USA.

DISCLAIMER :  Any material or information provided on the site is strictly for educational purposes only, and does not substitute for any professional or medical advice.