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Squaring in EXCESS of the Multiple of Base number

Explanation Video
Notes & Practice Quiz

Squaring in DEFICIENT of the Multiple of Base number


Course Detail  :  Squaring Multiple of Base Number


In this Unit we will learn how to square numbers which are Multiple of  Base Number. We have two scenarios in this unit :

  • Squaring a number that is in Excess of the Multiple of Base number
  • Squaring a number that is Deficient than the Multiple of  Base number




Introduction :

Welcome to Master Mind Math !!!

Our course is designed to generate confidence in math, to develop speed and improve memory and retention. It has simple steps which makes it easy to solve mentally, thus drastically reducing the dependency on calculator. Our method breaks down long complicated calculations into easy steps and numbers for a much faster and accurate solution.

The course utilizes both the left and right sides of the brain for a more balanced mental growth, supporting mental agility and intelligence.


Why should you take this course :

We start from the very basic math concepts so that the foundation is very strong and then gently layer the other concepts without overwhelming the student. Since students find our course easy and engaging, they are self motivated to learn and master new skill sets.

Each concept has three parts :

  1. Explanation :

    We start with a video that explains the concept in the most basic manner and in a very simple language.

  2. Notes & Practice :

    The video is followed by written material which includes important details on the concept along with a practice quiz with explanation.

  3. Assessment :

    Lastly, each section has a final assessment. Each question has four options to choose one correct answer.


What does the course cover :

The beginners level covers the basic concepts and the building blocks which are used in all the three levels. A student needs to first understand the basic level to move on to the intermediate and advanced levels.


Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share these fun and easy concepts with you.

Welcome Aboard !!!



Benefits of the course

- Easy mental math tricks
- Improves memory and retention
- Encourages creativity and intelligence
- Reduces dependency on calculator


  • - Understanding of Numbers 1 - 100,000
  • - Basic math concepts like Addition, Subtraction etc.
  • - Tables till 10

Target Audience

  • For Students who wish to :
  • - Build a strong math foundation
  • - Learn in an easy and fun way
  • - Practice quiz with explanation
  • - Develop mental agility
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$8.99 $5.99

Material Includes

  • - On-demand videos
  • - Detailed written explanation
  • - Practice quiz with explanation
  • - Master quiz
  • - Access on mobile and computer