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Sound Energy and Introduction to Mantras

Mantra is the purest form of sound. Science of using the sound to create certain vibration within and around oneself, which affects them directly is Mantra. It is a system of sounds that holds the capacity to bring change at psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

As per modern day science, the whole existence is a reverberation. The vibration of energy, results in sound which leads to creation. Mantras are a reverberation (persistence of sound, after the sound is produced).

First lets understand sound. Sound is more than just conversation. Sound can immediately transform space and mental state. The positive affirmations, binaural beats, 528 Hz, miracle tones, hypnosis, deep sleep meditations are currently very popular. These are used to enhance the quality of human life. The basis of all these is sound.

The effect of sound on us can also be seen in the following example. The way one says WHAT (asking gently) or WHAT (in an irritated tone), just that sound brings about a different reaction from the other person. The word, the tone, the pitch in which it is said, directly affects the other person mentally. Do you know why ? Its because the sound affected them, making them feel nice or worthless or creative or horrible. So many fights and arguments can be avoided if either correct words are used or no words at all, just silence.

Vibrating ear molecules

Now imagine the power one can have over their own life and others too. How each individual has the power to make someone feel and react differently depending on how they are spoken to. Also your own mental state, behavior and reaction is affected by others, if you allow their spoken words to alter your perception. A leader is born by the power of its speech which mobilizes thousands of people towards the leader’s vision. Imagine a world where Hitlor’s speech rather than motivating the Germans, just fell on deaf ears.

Continuing with the power of sound, ‘Sonic Secret Sounds’ can be a very powerful force. A continuous high frequency sound, can result in a person getting a headache. We have lots of experiments to see how sound can break glass and bend metal. Dr. Emoto’s experiment on water is the affect of sound on water particles, proving how sound can change the composition of solid matter. The experiment consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures, or music and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with microscopic.

We can also see this in the Cymatic Experiments (seeing sound through vibration and frequency) where the particles make different shapes depending on the frequency of the sound.

Now lets gradually turn towards Mantra sound. There are only 3 basic or universal sounds which can be produced without the use of the tongue. These are also the basic cosmic sounds. They are : AA UU MM (Aum in Samskrit, Amen in English, Ameen in Arabic). Aum is a primordial sound. When the tongue is used to mix these 3 basic sounds, one can produce many other forms of sounds. These 3 basic sounds have evolved in the likes of music, ragas, melody, languages……and so on.

Sound has a direct and sometimes immediate affect on human body. When correct sound with right force is used, it creates a powerful vibration and frequency. Thus activating the energy centers in the body, taking the human body and mind to new dimensions and experiences. Mantras have the infinite capacity to not only maintain the human body and mind, but to help it reach its full potential by alleviating it.

Mantra is a playlist created by scholars thousands of years ago with the intention of well being of human kind. It is pure science and should be used like that. One has the power to bring on positive or negative changes depending on how, when, where, for what and which sound is used. It has a powerful effect on human health as well. When done correctly, they can change the heart rhythm, blood pressure, mental state leading to physical changes, cell chemistry in the body and so on. The effect of different sounds on human body and mind can be calculated with mathematical precision

The sounds one exposes themselves to, has a profound effect on ones life directly. Sound is very powerful and it should be used responsibly. This was understood by the ancient scholars and they captured that science in the form of concise power packed sound energy capsule called Mantras.

Image Credit :  Mantra-Chanting-Kundalini

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