Science-Krit is a knowledge based website where you get to uncover ancient science and a variety of scientific and educational articles. Our primary focus is to bring in ancient knowledge and its wisdom, while combining it with modern science.

You can even share your own articles and videos on and receive the exposure you deserve! We are constantly adding new content to make it an extraordinary, engaging and a creative process for our readers.

 Science-Krit is the place to be, if you enjoy the idea of accumulating knowledge and sharing it with other people.

Our Story

Our founder member, grew up in an environment heavily influenced by art and science. These two, different backgrounds managed to complement one another, and she was extremely interested in pursuing both the ideas. Soon she realized that it would be great to share a unique and balanced world of art and science that is inter-dependent, beautifully aligned and coordinated.

With Science-Krit, we want to bring in the science behind traditions. We believe it is very important for us to share information that helps connect the ancient sciences to our modern world. We help eliminate superstitions behind the ancient rituals, while finding the right way to benefit from them. Our platform also hosts online forum for discussions and debates, educational videos and articles for everyone to connect with other’s and share their thoughts. Our intensive, yet surprisingly easy to learn course, Master Mind Math, provides a great learning experience for math enthusiasts.

Science-Krit takes you on a journey of appreciating, exploring and studying the ancient knowledge!



Pragya Sinha is the Founder of Science-Krit. She is a Master of Management and has worked for more than 10 years in the private sector. Science-Krit is the brain child of Pragya, a platform where her passion for knowledge and education has come together in the most harmonious manner.

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